Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Otems!

What is an otem? It's like an item or fashion, but of the moment (OT(e)M--smart, right?). I will be posting my monthly otems. Y'all ready for this? (Da na na nana na nananana na na)

First thing is's spring! You know what that means; florals and bright whites. It's time to dig out your shorts and un-crumple your crop tops! This is not exactly an otem...but it needed to be said.

Secondly is the ethereal, flowery air that fashionistas all over the country are portraying. It started with those flower crowns... The "style"-- if you can call it that -- is dependent on a young and fresh appearance, and emphasizing on the girliness in one's wardrobe. Lots of flowy layers adds a flighty finish.

White has always been "in" (come on, it's white for Pete's sake); but this spring, white is hot hot hot! White nails have been all the rage recently (as long as you use a white with good coverage, is not matte, and doesn't show streak marks. Otherwise you look like Queen Amidala). I love the way white makes your hands look so tan!! Plus it looks cute with a neon pair of flip flops (double the bright!).

And this is a little late, but...jewel tones jewel tones JEWEL TONES! They're so gorgeous! I know they're more for fall, but fashion is not about rules, sweetie. I took this shot at a local dance festival, where one of the dancers was wearing a high low emerald skirt (swoon). She was reading The Great Gadsby; it was the perfect shot. So I creepily took a picture and ran (that's why it's so awkwardly grainy--sorry!). It was for fashion! I swear!
And finally, these crazy prints I'm seeing' everywhere! Not just on a top; jackets and leggings and skirts (oh my!). I just recently purchased a patterned pair of chino shorts (floral, of course). I'm also loving printed jackets! There's this one at Target that is a leather blazer with a loud floral print and I WANT IT (Ssh! It's a secret).

So that's it for my April Otems. I hope everyone has a restful and colorful weekend.
Stay classy, always sassy; but not too assy. ;)

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