Monday, April 22, 2013

Style Spotlight: Lily Collins

Long beach hair, flawless skin, and the most fabulous eyebrows you will ever see? No, it's not a bird OR a plane. It's Lily Collins!

The not-so-newbie-anymore actress has become a fashion icon for girls and women around the country. I mean, anyone who plays opposite to a Twilight boy (especially those of the canine species) is Hollywood Royalty. But Lily has made a name for herself in the industry; and not without a great fashion sense! Here are my five favorite Lily Looks.

#1 This actress knows how to stay warm! I love the all-black vibe, and how she layers all of her pieces. Also, the juxtaposition of the knit and leather textures of her jackets is stunning. A + for pairing the dark cherry lipstick. The sunglasses are a star style must-have (um...obvi!), and they definitely add a layer of drama to the ensemble.
#2 This is by far Lily's most adorable outfit. Her graphic--and collared!--tee gives off a casual vibe, while her denim (I think?) skater skirt gives it an underlining polish. Her sandals deinitely add to the cute factor, as do her tan bag (love it!!). Her sunglasses are to diiiiiiie for as well.
#3 Whoa-ho-ho! Lily has definitely chic-ed it up in this incredible ensemble. This cape/coat over her black dress definitely reminds me of France. Definitely a find! Her shoes are adorably fifties-ish (what with that incredible t-strap), but the black keeps it sophisticated. And the matching red of her lips & her bag? There's only so much adorableness a girl can handle!
#4 This is one of my favorite Lily Looks because of its casualness. I adore her sweater; it's so edgy, yet so cute and girly at the same time! I want it! Her faded grey jeans complement the sweater's color nicely, and those bean boots? To diiiiie foooor! Those are definitely going on next fall's wish list. To top it off, Lily added an ah-dorable fedora. Edgy cute ensemble? Check!
#5 OH EM GEE. That dress=the epitome of cuteness. Something about it is just so perfectly Lily. The collar says "proper", the colors and texture say "classy", and the shape says "fun"! It makes one reminiscent of their childhood days... The tights and black shoes make it even more polished, and that cute little bag reflects 100% class. Don't even get me started on that sock bun.

I can't wait to see more films, articles, and amazing outfits from Lily Collins!

Stay classy, a little sassy, and not too assy. ;)

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